Vini Montegrande

Our company


Our family has been working and living with land products for nearly five centuries generation after generation. In the Euganean Hills Regional Park, in Rovolon (Pd) municipality, we cultivate our vineyards in full respect for the environment and traditions. Strengthened by this experience, we knew how to renew our capacities.


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Our method

Montegrande is not just a company; it is a family project that is constantly evolving. Experience gained in over half a century by owner Luigi Cristofanon is flanked by the enthusiasm and passion of his children, Paola and Raffaele, in a reciprocal and continual exchange between generations.

The knowledge acquired in the Vineyard and cellar and handed down over the years, merges with innovation. By the term innovation we mean technological progress, new production processes, skills for optimization of resources and sustainability, searching for ever higher and ambitious quality standards. Our awareness of the road travelled while maintaining an eye on the future makes us proud every day of the wines we offer, vintage after vintage.