Stories of people and culture are evoked with the simple gesture of pouring wine.

We respect the norms of a sustainable viniculture. This choice derives from research of a few years ago that dealt with the impact of vineyards on the entire ecosystem. From there, we have opted for a system where the use of synthetic products is reduced to a minimum. Another commitment we have taken within our territory is that of preserving ancient vineyards, above all those further up the hill that are more difficult to reach. We feel it is there where an important part of the euganea soul resides.

The only certification we have adopted, and one which we continue to retain, is the one tied to the Denomination of Origin, both controlled and guaranteed: Colli Euganei. We produce two supraregional DOC wines, one is the prosecco DOC and the other is the classic DOC Vigneti of the Serenissima. Our faith in the DOC Colli Euganei springs from our pride in our land: here is where we were born and here is where we work.

Our character and our wine descend from the same roots.


Discover our wine and its secrets.

We have renovated and restored an ancient 1870 country home, a “rustica”, to its earlier splendor, giving much attention to every detail in order to offer the most comforting and welcoming place for you to taste our wines. It also includes a subterranean cellar where our wines rest and age before bottling.

The tasting room and wine cellar are only open to groups and by reservation.

The wine shop is always open.


Monday to Friday from 8:00-12:00
and 14:00-18:30

Saturday from 8:30-12:00
and 14:30-18:30

Sunday from 9:00-12:00


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