A glance into the past.

We are a family of wine makers. For over four generations, we have been growing grapes and producing wine in the small village of Rovolon, in the northwestern area of the Colli Euganei. Today we, Raffaele and Paola, are flanked as always by Gabriele, our right-hand man. Paola’s two sons, Andrea and Matteo, will also join us.

We are what we are today, thanks to our father Luigi. He was the one who transmitted a special vision of the world, and it is that vision that represents the true identity of Montegrande. A man of few words: what counts in ‘casa Cristofanon’ is to act with forthrightness.

Montegrande takes its name from the hill on which it rests, which is 200 meters above sea level. We take care of 30 hectares of vineyards which, for the most part, surround the area around the winery. Every bottle is the fruit of our work, everything passes through our hands. The Colli Euganei are the offspring of fire and water formed by a succession of submarine volcanic eruptions. Our vineyards are rooted in a precious patchwork of soil where the effusive rocks alternate with those of marine origin.


A few lines about our “mountains”… even if they are not.

The Colli Euganei (the Euganean Hills) were formed as result of a succession of submarine volcanic eruptions: one could say they are the offspring of fire and water. The soil is highly diverse. It was the second cycle of eruptions, about 35 million years ago, that formed the hills as we see them today. The lava surged upwards from the bottom of the sea which once covered what is now the Po valley and formed the cone shape that typifies a volcano, while the marine layer which withstood the rising pressure left a rounded hilltop. Consequently, the soil of the Colli Euganei is a precious patchwork where effusive lava rocks alternate with those of calcareous origin. Usually the volcanic ones are found at the summit of the Colli or along the slopes as landfill.

These hilltops which make up the area number about a hundred. Only when they exceed 600 meters can they be defined as mountains. Nevertheless, for the people that live here and of neighboring Padua the Colli Euganei are “Mountains”. Overall it covers an area of 19,000 hectares. The cultivation of grapes is the most widespread, followed by olives trees. A large part of the territory is still covered with forests and spontaneous vegetation. In this way, the whole euganeo environment remains balanced. Here winemaking and minor crops integrate perfectly with the territory. Nothing is intensive. If we add to this that the Colli Euganei has been recognized and protected as a Reginal Park since 1989, we are able to fully grasp the quality our territory.


Discover our wine and its secrets.

We have renovated and restored an ancient 1870 country home, a “rustica”, to its earlier splendor, giving much attention to every detail in order to offer the most comforting and welcoming place for you to taste our wines. It also includes a subterranean cellar where our wines rest and age before bottling.

The tasting room and wine cellar are only open to groups and by reservation.

The wine shop is always open.


Monday to Friday from 8:00-12:00
and 14:00-18:30

Saturday from 8:30-12:00
and 14:30-18:30

Sunday from 9:00-12:00


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